Amplify your OOH campaigns with Mobile Integration.

Go beyond and deliver contextual advertising experiences, in real-time by connecting the physical and online realms.


1. Audience Proximity

Reach consumers who have been primed with a PATTISON Outdoor Ad

2. LINK Mobile to OOH

Programmatic Mobile advertising enables engagement as consumers user their mobile device along their “path-to-purchase

3. Serve an Online Ad

Re-engage consumers throughout the campaign on their mobile device

4. Post-Campaign Insights

Receive actionable insight and data for both the Offline and Online landscapes

Over 24,000

PATTISON products can be layered with mobile amplification.
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From campaign planning insights to driving audience action and tracking Foot Traffic Attribution, LINK case studies show how leading advertisers
are applying mobile amplification to enhance their Out-of-Home campaigns.

Audi Gleans Audience Attribution Insights with LINK

See the Senokot LINK Mobile Amplification Campaign Insights

LINK Enhances DOOH Campaigns for Union Bank

Mitsubishi Makes an Impact with LINK Mobile Amplification

LINK expands the story with this top QSR brand (CALGARY)

This top QSR brand brings multiple touchpoints with LINK (EDMONTON)